About Our Social Enterprise

Neighbor Cleaning was founded by local non-profit Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N): a community development organization present in the southeast Raleigh community for over two decades.

In 2015 it was that we needed to shift our focus from solely assisting folks to find employment to actually creating employment opportunities. Out of this realization, three Employment Social Enterprises (ESEs) began: Neighbor MovingNeighbor Cleaning, and Neighbor Lawn Care. Together, over +1,500 jobs have been completed and over 30 jobs created.

All three ESEs share the same goal of creating living-wage employment for folks in our community who have barriers to good employment. All employees begin at $19/hr no matter their background or experience and have access to wrap-around support services through N2N.

By using Neighbor Cleaning, or any other Neighbor Enterprise, you are leveraging your purchasing dollar to sustain and provide living-wage work for those who need it most—AT NO ADDITIONAL EXPENSE! It’s a win-win.

To learn more about Neighbor to Neighbor, click here.