About Our Social Enterprise

Neighbor Cleaning is a subsidiary of Neighbor Enterprises, LLC was founded by Neighbor to Neighbor. Neighbor to Neighbor is a nonprofit organization that has been present in the southeast Raleigh community for over two decades. Everything we do at Neighbor to Neighbor has come up out of the community as we’ve come alongside and listened to our neighbors for the past 25+ years.

Neighbor to Neighbor’s venture into entrepreneurship and business is no different.  As we’ve walked alongside adults in our community, it became evident as we listened that we needed to shift our focus from solely assisting folks find employment to actually creating employment opportunities.  Out of this realization four social enterprises have begun: Neighbor Moving, Neighbor Cater, Neighbor Lawn Care, and now Neighbor Cleaning.

All four enterprises share the same goal of hiring folks from within our community and providing living-wage work.

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